On Tuesday, May 23 at 7:00 p.m., on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the Cassoleria Museum of Àngel Domínguez, we will inaugurate the exhibition “Ladies of Potries” by Rob Ward. The exhibition is made up of drawings by Potries women, reflects the author’s feelings and creates a small sociological story of a day in the life of Potries.

Eight years ago, I fell in love with Potries. It has a magical quality: the people, the space and its peaceful contentment, socially just, kind and friendly.

You can always read the character of a place in the faces of its people. On October 9 2022 I took photographs in La Plaça at a fiesta. The majority of the people there were women.

I decide over a long winter in England to make 60 drawings of the women of Potries to reflect the day, my feelings, and to create a small sociological history of a day in the life of Potries.

My original intention was for them to be a celebration for International Women’s Day in March. The drawings were taken from photographs, reprinted and drawn. The first twenty are shown now the remaining forty will succeed them in time.

A celebration of the Ladies of Potries.

Rob Ward

10th May 2023