Potries is a humble, simple, and peaceful town. Potries is a small town, modest in size. Yet, Potries is also a great town. It turns small things into grand celebrations and scarce resources into infinite imaginations. I mention this because I believe it is our best introduction, and I prefer to extend a greeting of this kind to present what we are and what you will find here.

At the Potries Town Hall, you will find a team committed to the values of equality, freedom, and collectivity. With clear priorities, all equally important. Neighborhood attention: ensuring that the doors of this house are open to assist you in any way possible and provide essential services. Education: the happiness and future of our boys and girls. Equality: promoting gender equality to combat gender-based violence. Diversity: the simplicity of raising the rainbow flag each year, signaling that in this town, we are all welcome, whoever we are, and love whoever we love. The well-being of our elderly. Health. Culture and festivals as entertainment, leisure, a source of happiness, and as an economic and social engine for change. Heritage: our hermitage, the irrigation ditches, our history, and our traditions. Local businesses: the daily efforts of many people who make a living by providing us with services. The mountains, the river, and their biodiversity, the orchard, and agriculture. Climate emergency: addressing climate change and ensuring a future for our children. Collective spaces, to play, chat, enjoy the fresh air, share, and live on the streets. And participation, collaboration, and altruism.

Potries is a home, and we have taken care of it to be just that. We will continue to do so and continue to generate opportunities, not only to ensure the future of our town but also for those of us who want to stay and live here.

I am confident that we will continue to build a great town. One that we can continue to be proud of, as hundreds of residents have always been since Potries became a town. We will do it for those who are no longer with us and for those who will come. A welcoming town that people want to come and live in to be happy. A town that embraces diversity. A friendly town. A responsible town. And a joyful town that wants to dance and make merry.

Let’s do it together.

Sergi Vidal Domínguez
Mayor of Potries


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