In an increasingly rapid and global world, it is necessary to look for tools so that the communication of the city council and the public representatives with the population is fluid, easy and direct. That is why in June 2003, Potries City Council launched its web page, as an instrument within a package of measures to facilitate local participation. By now 2018 already needed a little improvement.

This instrument had to have a communication in both directions: on the one hand from the institution towards the population, offering the maximum information on the municipal affairs; but it also had to allow to open a window so that the neighbors could say theirs.

With this new version of the web page we take a step in this second communicative direction, from the town to the city council, facilitating, to a greater extent, the channels of communication already created, such as email, or direct attention, or the Councils of Participation, … systems that will grow and improve, such as the Suggestions / Complaints section, and others that we will see. So I want to encourage you to actively use this service that will allow you, from your house, to inform you, and of course, to say what you think or what you think.

On the other hand, the web page should also be a window open to the global world, offering “virtual browsers” the possibility of knowing our population, our history, our customs, our institutions and entities well civic If you are among these Internet users, welcome to this space, and I remind you that if you want to know us, the potrieres and potrieres are always open to new friends and new acquaintances.

Assumpta Dominguez Medina
Mayor of Potries

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