El Porrat de Sant Blai 2019 has received more than 8,000 people, with the Valencian Cultural Capital as a framework, it has been possible to enhance the festival beyond the boundaries of the region of La Safor, where it was already a consolidated reference within the Route of Porrats. The town has shown the know-how of a whole town and as the Mayor Assumpta Domínguez remembers “the porrat is a reality thanks to the effort and work of all the neighbors and neighbors of Potries, every year they hang around together with the Town Hall To celebrate the Porrat “with clear examples” in the elaboration of the famous donuts, while boiling the pumpkins, others prepare the pasta or fry them, but also in the work carried out by the Choir Potries and Tries Puppets in the popularization from the figure of Blai de Sebaste to the already traditional play “as well as” in the determined commitment to have an inclusive and safe holiday for everyone, as evidenced by the Violeta Point installed at the Blai Fest where they participated different people and groups of the people to take it forward voluntarily. ”