Where to eat

Bar Vicent: C/ La Safor 58, Potries. Tel: 633740792

Bar La Plaça: Pl/ País Valencià 4, Potries. Tel: 630262975

La Cuineta de Marisa: Av. Constitució, 6, Potries . Tel: 962805494/693219319

Bar de Dalt: C/ Gandia 4, Potries. Tel: 648453957

Molí Canyar: Carretera Gandia-Villalonga. Potries. Tel: 962801030/607041675


Our gastronomy is very diverse, according to the different seasons, with products generally from the land, although we find some seafood dishes. In most houses they still cook in clay casseroles, which in former times were taken to the village oven for cooking. The most representative dishes are those made with rice, like the ‘arròs al forn’ (‘oven rice’, having also a variation with anchovies), the ‘paella’ (we find the chickpea paella, snail paella, cod and cauliflower paella…), or the ‘arròs caldós’ (‘rice in broth’, with beans and turnip…); as well as the traditional “putxero” or stew pot, for special occasions. A typical casserole dish from Potries, always cooked in the oven, is the “Bonyítol”, an exquisite recipe with salted fish. The ‘coques’ (flat cakes) and ‘pastissets’ (stuffed cakes) are very typical too, they can be made with tomatoes, peas and onions, herbs….

Regarding traditional sweets, they vary according to the season, although we should highlight the famous ‘bunyols’ (pumpkin buns), the ‘tortell’ (walnut cake) or the orange cake.

Around February 3, it is customary in Potries to cook the ‘Olleta de Sant Blai‘ (Sant Blai’s pot), a hot dish that helps fighting the cold February weather, and approaches us to the most genuine Valencian cuisine. The shops in the town offer as well the best sweets, based on those made in the 17th century, the time when our Porrat was established, with products such as the sugar cane.