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The route begins at the Town Hall, where a door with five locks related to the water distribution system is still conserved. It continues across the village, passing through the remains of an old public well and an old washhouse beside the Rebollet Canal. Leaving the town center, we will skirt the Serpis River, enjoying the unique agricultural area until we reach the Casa Fosca bifurcation, which has a recreation area and a path through some elements of the system, such as a water meters, the Catorzena ditch or the remains of a noria. We will walk this path back to the junction and then head towards the Casa Clara water bifurcation. It is the second major element in the water distribution system. Back in town, we will visit the former Aynat mill, which took advantage of the canal’s water stream from at least the 15th century, today transformed into a magnificent restaurant called Molí Canyar.

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Guided route: 3,5 €

School route: 2,5 €

Water route + urban route: 6 €