Roads of Sotaia

The book Diari de Sotaia by Joan Pellicer highlighted the old literary topic of the beatus ille (the praise of rural life’s simplicity and austerity in opposition to the vain agitation of the city). Sutayha (meaning “terrace, paving, or oil mill’s basin”) was the name that Muslims gave to this territory, as it looked like a terrace, a plain, a space they hoped to work and cultivate.

Camins de Sotaia is a walk that combines the description of the water cultural landscapes evolution and the portrayal of the people’s customs and traditions in connection with the environment.

A walk around Bellreguard, Rafelcofer and Potries through a sea of orange trees, presenting the succession of lands irrigated by numerous canals and ditches; the concatenation of rectilinear tree rows that draw geometrical structures, and the explosion of colours and scents from the orange blossoms and oranges.

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