This is a small and quiet interior valley opened to the sea, an area of interest due to its environmental and scenic value. It is located south of the town, among the Pedrera, Racó de Seguí and Encreuades allotments, where the Porra ravine starts, continuing towards the Beniteixir ravine.

Crossing this place through the Tossalets, a traditional path leads us to the Font-Vilallonga road, across the Pla de la Font. The cemetery of Potries was transferred in 1955 to this privileged place, and today it is perfectly integrated into the landscape.

At the bottom of the valley, we find the Christ water pump, an installation linked to the architecture of water. We can still observe remains of forest vegetation with pine trees and holm oaks, dry stone walls, olive trees, carob trees and some scattered grapevines, as well as some isolated small cottages. It is the testimony of a traditional dry land landscape in the region engulfed by the massive cultivation of orange trees.