RobHouse Collection

– Robert Ward, who is he and why he chose Potries?

Rob Ward was born in 1949 in Nottingham U.K. He studied at the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1969-73, The University of Reading, 73-75, Rome Academia di Belle Arti, and Athens Poytechnion. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of British Sculptors. He is exhibited and collected around the world.

To place visions in the mind, without making them pass through the senses. I want my work to appea ldirectly through its space to the mind, through its luminous qualities formed according to my imaginary world. My drawings are profiles of space where time is allowed to occur. My sculptures are places where the object interacts with drawing, the landscape, and people”.

“(…) In 2014 I came to Potries looking for a house away from the cold and the politics of England, somewhere I could feel like a community of souls, where I could put my sculpture.

I fell in love with Potries and its people. The town has a quality space and is a beautiful place, moving in a simple and quiet way, with its own poetry.

For me, this town is a social home in every respect. After talking with the Town Council, I offered my House to the town with its content, as a Museum to promote the study and involvement in the visual arts, helping to establish Potries as a cultural centre. I expect this to happen, and that the House will become a source of enjoyment and learning in the coming years. After all, this is what art is about, to communicate with the living and the dead through knowledge and the poetry of hope, believing that art is a way forward to create a future for young people.

I have achieved this goal I never stopped dreaming, a place for my work, in a special town, a small socialist dream.“ (Rob Ward 6.1.17)