The idea is to use the house as a catalyst to promote the development of the arts in Potries. It will be used as a residence for the artists who visit the town, so they can carry out their works, paintings, sculptures, music, writings… which will then be exhibited in a designated space in the Town Hall. The house is conceived as a museum with accommodation, to show the works of Rob Ward.

Our aim is to set Potries as a cultural centre where the arts are an important part of the town’s life, with new opportunities for the arts appreciation and teaching. Potries has a long pottery history, and we want to reintroduce these elements into the social fabric of the community.

The possibilities posed by this initiative will take some time, and we will need a long-term vision for them.



01.- Encouraging artists from around the world to experience and work thanks to a stay programme managed jointly by the European Sculpture Network and other entities and associations.

02.- To establish an exhibition programme together with the Community.

03.- Searching for funds from local and regional agencies to expand the program.

04.- To create workshops for the art production with a particular focus on ceramics.

05.- To develop a learning and teaching environment within the community for the promotion of the arts through educational programmes in local schools.

06.- A long-term goal would be to set up an art school with links to higher education colleges and universities.

07.- To implement projects for children and day schools.

08.- To set Potries as a research centre focused on sculpture and ceramics, using the local library as a resource centre and archive for the project. The project should be filed, photographed and filmed as part of the Potries history.

09.- To create links with research centres in Spain and Europe.

10.- To set up a sculpture park in the interest of the community.

11.- To install a contemporary art collection for the people.